Collaborate partners have been working on some of the most important projects in Los Angeles since 2000.


Our Mission

We take joy in solving problems and bringing people together.  Whether you need advocacy, community outreach, entitlement processing, or business-to-business help, we've got you covered. 

JUST SOME OF What We've Achieved

  • Secured clients' overpaid City and County fees and taxes.
  • Blocked properties nominated for Historic-Cultural Monuments.
  • Negotiated best-term leases with City and County Agencies.
  • Worked with key stakeholders, Neighborhood Councils, and elected officials to create "buy-in" for development projects.
  • Cost-effective community outreach strategies.
  • Filed to win approval for these projects, including commercial and affordable to luxury housing development.
  • Found seriously efficient community benefits.
  • Created major solutions with City and County Departments.
  • Won contracts with DWP, LAWA, Metro, the Port of Los Angeles, and other City and County Departments.
  • Designed legislative solutions for business problems.
  • Settled disputes for properties subject to City, County, and California Coastal Commission jurisdiction.